The Challenge

Software development for today’s wireless routers depends heavily on the chipset vendor’s SDKs. Due to the swiftly moving markets manufacturers of wireless routers need to adopt new technologies on a quicker pace leading to the requirement to shift between chipset vendors depending on their offerings. This often leads to a fragmented software development process with different chipset vendor SDKs to be keept in sync with own software components. Especially different Linux kernel versions in the chipset vendor SDKs raise the barrier with every new SDK release.

Supporting chipset solutions from different chipset makers leads to efforts that many companies try to avoid. It became common practice to reduce the number of chipset vendors – resulting in a shrinking choice of basic components and limiting the options in the product development process.

The Solution

Since more than a decade several open source Linux distributions exist that focus on embedded devices, like DD-WRT® and OpenWrt. Those distributions follow the concept to integrate the vendor’s hardware drivers into one single SDK allowing a much easier approach to the development of the respective firmwares for embedded devices. Besides the reduced development and maintenance effort of a multi-chipset-vendor SDK the open source process provides significant benefits resulting in increased stability, reliability and security of the resulting products.

embeDD is one of the leading entities in the open source development of DD-WRT® and OpenWrt with a team of highly skilled and experienced experts. More than a decade of experience qualifies embeDD as the ideal partner for open source based solutions of highest industry standards including the latest know-how for security solutions.